Website Security, Maintenance and Hosting

Security, performance, and peace of mind for your brand’s most visible asset.

Website Security from a Provider That Cares

Is your website secure? Does it update regularly to keep you protected? We live in a world where your site can be hacked and redirected anywhere the hacker chooses before you ever realize it. Emerging threats like crypto mining malware show that sites need constant updating to stay secure. This requires expert support from a provider that’s invested in protecting your website.

We start with a fast and secure environment coupled with SSL technology. Then we make sure your site is regularly maintained and updated. Why is this important? A broken form might take months for you to diagnose and will make it impossible to get new leads. Our quality assurance checks test your site regularly to make sure all of the essential elements are working correctly. Whether it’s a simple tweak, maintenance task or development-heavy update, we can help.

It was excellent from start to finish, and you completed our project early even though other vendors had insisted our schedule was impossible. Plus, the website looks great.
Troy Tradup, Communications and Quality System Manager, Aspect Automation

Questions & Answers

What is a no hack guarantee?
In the unlikely event that your site is compromised, we’ll fix it at no extra cost to you.

What is emergency support?
Available during non-business hours for emergencies; exceptional/weekend rate applies to work completed during non-business hours. Regular hourly rate applies for work completed during business hours.

What is SSL and why do I want it?
SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser — essentially securing information between the visitor and the website. SSLs have always been critical for e-commerce sites, or any website passing sensitive data. While the primary purpose of SSL is security, Google favors websites with an SSL enabled, resulting in SEO benefits as well.

What if my site isn’t WordPress, or has excessive bandwidth or stage needs?
Normal bandwidth and storage considerations may apply in some instances, in which case we’ll recommend a custom plan. Magento, Joomla, Concrete5 and other non-WordPress sites may require custom plans, please contact us for more information. Unused hours do not carry into the next month. On rare occasions, software might take longer than the time included in the plan. Windmill will inform you before moving forward with the work and will provide an estimate or alternatives. Expenses not included in normal overhead will be billed separately.

What if I want to provide my own hosting?
For technical clients that want to take on the ownership and responsibility of their own hosting, we’re happy to work with your system, given adequate access. We’ll meet with your IT team and provide a customized maintenance plan in these instances. Note that alternate hosting arrangements often require additional project budget for coordination, transfer, and testing (typically up to three hours), depending on the environment. We can provide an estimate after learning more about the environment chosen.

What is priority support?
We value all of our clients and do our best to get everyone a quick response and turnaround on requests. Priority support provides a response within one business day (almost always sooner), and scheduling for small tasks within 1-3 business days. Longer tasks will be estimated.

Will you also host my email?
Email hosting, when implemented properly, has very different requirements than web hosting. We nearly always recommend keeping your email where it is currently, and can provide a referral to help facilitate a transfer to an email hosting service where applicable. We do not provide any Windmill-specific email hosting services.

Are paid plugin and theme licenses included?
While we maintain developer licenses for many commonly used plugins and can pass those savings on to you, some premium plugins and themes require paid licenses. If you have an existing site with paid plugin or theme license needs, we will provide pricing information for your approval prior to purchase, and, in some instances, alternatives.

How do pre-purchased hours work?
We’ll customize your billing to include a set number of pre-purchased hours each month, at the discount level for your plan. Pre-purchased hours expire 12 months from purchase, but unused hours can be banked from month to month.

Is there a limit to space or bandwidth?
Hosting packages are priced for up to 100,000 pageviews per month. This is a soft limit and hosting will not be immediately impacted by exceeding this value. The value may be used to trigger Windmill review process of server resources. Please also understand that this “pageviews” value translates directly to our host’s “billable visits” metrics (further information) and that the billable visits are usually a small fraction of the total hits on a website. Sites with anticipated higher resource needs due to traffic or software may require a custom quote for a dedicated server.



Keeping your site fast and secure is one aspect of using your website effectively. It’s also important to analyze how you attract visitors and how they engage with your website. Our digital marketing and website optimization services can make your company’s most important marketing tool perform even better.