Digital Marketing and SEO

Is your online presence attracting your best customers?

Where One Size Rarely Fits All, Having Trustworthy Guidance for Your Digital Marketing Is Essential

Every business wants to generate cost-effective leads with their website. The challenge is finding a digital marketing approach that fits your company and your audience while helping you stand out from the competition. Our digital marketing plans will help you learn where you should focus your marketing and execute on your plan.

Nearly every business can benefit from digital marketing. Whether you need remarketing to stay top-of-mind, SEO to find new customers, PPC to drive visitors, content marketing to attract people who need your solution, or email nurturing to stay in touch with the people in your CRM, we’re happy to help.

I love our new website–its functionality, design, and back-end organization but the best part was working with Jules, Tracy, Britta, Sarah and everyone else at Windmill. I had fun–I looked forward to our meetings. I was impressed by how focused and attentive the staff was to matching the character of our website with the character of our company and to what our needs were. I know you have a ton of clients, but I felt like I was your only one. Jules and Tracy remembered things I said at our first meeting months later and always seemed to care what I said in our meetings. Wow. Thanks and great job. I am so happy I had the opportunity to work with you.
Mary Vancura, Senior Engineer, Beton Consulting Engineers

Digital marketing is a simple way for your brand to increase its marketing ROI and accelerate toward its sales goals. But, this is just one step in making your website a complete marketing tool. Learn how our website maintenance and engagement optimization packages can help you get even more value from your site.