To streamline the web development process, Windmill Design provides web hosting for the majority of our client websites. Hosting is a critical component of your website’s ongoing success — it’s where your website “lives” on the web. The quality of the server and associated technology directly affect the performance and reliability of your website.

Security, efficiency and speed are our priorities — before launch and beyond.

With our team managing web design, development, and hosting, our clients can entrust the technical details of web hosting to our expertise, rather than worrying about “What happens when…?” or “Who do I call if…?”. Using a virtually identical hosting environment for development and production greatly streamlines the web development, deployment and maintenance processes. This translates into cost savings and greater speed for our clients, as well as less technical jargon for them to wade through.

Dedicated servers and a no hack guarantee.

Every website that we host includes a maintenance package to keep the site software up-to-date at all times, which allows us to offer a no hack guarantee. Our dedicated servers — which host only Windmill Design clients — are monitored 24/7/365 by a team of experts, implement server-level and site-level best-in-class security protocols, enhanced caching tools, easy to implement SSL, daily backups, and CDN options. Scalable architecture allows your web hosting to easily grow as your site’s traffic grows. Clients receive access to a 24-hour hosting hotline, ensuring fast resolution on the rare occasion of an irregularity with your site. Clients may, of course, also opt to provide independently procured hosting in a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) environment, in which case our developers will work directly with IT departments to jointly launch and maintain the site and server environment.

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