Brand evolution and development is our specialty. We often work with growing companies to update existing brands, evolving strategically to reflect where the company is headed, while not leaving existing brand equity behind. New brands can put a company or product on the fast-track to where it needs to fit within the marketplace.

A tried-and-true process

Our brand identity process starts by learning about your organization, finding out what’s important to you and your audiences, digging into how you differentiate yourself from the competition and discussing your overall marketing goals. After we gather this information, we work with you to define a visual look-and-feel, including a logo, that best reflects who you are and where you’re going as a company. Our unique process includes several touchpoints that allow us to hone in on a focused, cohesive identity that communicates who you are, why it’s important.

Consistency and ongoing partnerships

Common branding services include naming and tagline development, logo design, wordmark design, overall messaging and brand strategy, visual identity and creation of brand guideline reference materials. Our team excels in bringing a new, updated, or existing brand to life across all mediums — including graphic design, website design and development, and as an ongoing partnership as your brand continues to evolve and grow.

To create about a customized branding approach for your organization, contact us.

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