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Amsum & Ash contacted Windmill to be their agency partner to redesign and develop their website. They wanted a visual design consistent with their high-end brand and to display inventory in a visually pleasing and intuitive way. Windmill Design helped modernize Amsum & Ash’s website and leveraged existing inventory systems to create a layout that was aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-use, and didn’t require a complete system change.

About Amsum & Ash

Amsum & Ash is an importer and wholesale provider of high-quality natural stone in the Twin Cities. Their selection ranges from Granite to Onyx and everything in between. Because they source their stone from more than 30 countries and house over 4,000 stone slabs they can accurately say that they bring the world of stone to their customers.

A Painful User Experience

Although Amsum & Ash was selling a superior product, they were facing multiple challenges with their online experience. They wanted their website to present them as a high-end brand, but the so-so design, painfully slow loading times, and poor user-experience were hurting their image.

The majority of their clients come to the site to see what they have in stock before they go to the showroom. Once they visit the showroom itself, they “get it” and are much more likely to become a customer. Unfortunately, their online inventory display was clunky and difficult to navigate. Their inventory system was also getting a significant update, and they weren’t sure how that would affect their site. The integration for this system made the site run very slowly making it even more awkward for visitors to view their products.

Amsum & Ash wanted to fix their broken user experience and get people into the showroom where conversion rates skyrocket.

Better Usability, Increased User Engagement

Amsum & Ash faced several challenges which included an outdated website design, clunky inventory display, and slow site speeds. How did Windmill Design provide solutions to improve user experience and traffic?

  • Windmill Design created a modern website that used high-quality visuals to showcase their products and a clean web design to allow users to easily navigate their website.
  • We also worked closely with the developers from Stone Profits to find a practical solution to the slow inventory pages. This collaboration helped us create a wrapper for the inventory pages that displays beautifully across the website using the same Stone Profits System that Amsum & Ash was already using.
  • Amsum & Ash initially wanted to keep their existing hosting. When we loaded the site on the old hosting service, it ran too slowly. We decided to move them to our maintenance and hosting service which improved their site speed dramatically.

A 3,000% Increase in Organic Search Traffic

How did creating a modern website and improving the user experience help Amsum & Ash’s overall marketing efforts?

  • Amsum & Ash currently rank on page 1 of Google’s organic results for 41 keywords that they didn’t rank for before their redesign.
  • Year-over-year organic traffic has increased by more than 3,000%.
  • Heatmaps show that people are browsing the site as intended, a clear indicator that the site design is effective.

These improvements have opened the door to more targeted marketing campaigns and strategies designed to improve user engagement and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Optimizations that weren’t possible before the redesign.

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