The Scholarly Kitchen

The Scholarly Kitchen—a moderated and independent blog aimed at helping support the mission of the Society for Scholarly Publishing by bringing together differing opinions, commentary and ideas—needed a to refresh their website and branding to bring them up-to-date and to better reflect their personality.

The Scholarly Kitchen’s name comes in part from the idea that the best conversation is always in the kitchen. This site, an online journal of sorts, is a platform for authentic discourse between smart, innovative, and opinionated contributors (a.k.a. “chefs”) who are discussing what’s hot and cooking in the Scholarly Publishing industry. We designed a new logo and website that give a visual nod to the “kitchen” concept throughout, while maintaining a content-focused experience that integrates with Google Doubleclick for Publishers for ad placement, providing multiple ways to subscribe and follow content or receive alerts, and loading quickly on any device. To create relevant content for site visitors, The Scholarly Kitchen opted to keep track of most recent, most commented, and most viewed posts. While the primary method for viewing article content is chronologically, the Scholarly Kitchen site also allows publishers to curate “collections” of articles around hot topics, or review articles by their favorite “chef” or author. The redesign resulted in an 8.7% increase in page views from the previous year, and is on track to hit 10 million lifetime page views in 2018.

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