Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies

Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies (GTCYS) needed their website to be a modern, mobile-friendly, “vibrant” face for the organization, while also making its clearinghouse-style content easily navigable and digestible for target audiences. 

The updated website was built on the Windmill Blade Site platform—creating a site that is customizable and flexible as the businesses grows, powered by a WordPress content management system and built responsively, and was custom designed using the current GTCYS logo and color scheme, with the addition of new accent colors with a “punch” and full-color imagery that reflected the youthful vibrancy of the organization. The site was further customized to include form functionality via Gravity Forms, an interactive calendar that showed practice and performance schedules for the year and embedded audio clips via SoundClound to engage site visitors with the sounds of GTCYS. The site also integrated an Instagram feed on the homepage and sidebar to show the most recent photos from the GTCYS community and a blog where relevant information can be communicated to visitors for a deeper connection to their brand. Windmill Design followed a tight, 11-week project schedule to meet GTCYS’s deadline to have the new site live for the live auditions announcement for the upcoming season. 

All-in-all, the site was a beautiful success, even on a short timeline and with so many custom features. One site visitor said, “It’s like music for your eyes!”.

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