phData, a rapidly growing big data consulting company that serves Fortune 500 companies, needed Windmill Design to quickly revamp not only their website, but also their marketing materials for an upcoming tradeshow. To accomplish this goal, Windmill worked under a tight deadline for the website and an even tighter timeline for a marketing sell sheet that needed ready before the tradeshow.

The updated website was built on the Windmill Blade Site platform—creating a site that is customizable and flexible as the business grows, powered by a WordPress content management system and built responsively. Windmill designed phData’s website to look professional with a strong visual impact and a focus on being mobile-friendly. The project included creating custom iconography, adds visual interest while illustrating the story on both the website and printed marketing materials. Since technology is such a huge part of phData’s business, the sitewide footer features a live-feed of phData’s Twitter feed—actively engaging users with up-to-date information on the latest technologies in the Big Data field. Overall, Windmill Design exceeded timeline expectations and created a mobile-friendly website that can quickly be updated with new information phData wants to share with their users.

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