illunis Gigapixel Camera Specialists

illunis needed a modern, compelling, mobile-friendly website that would drive them to the “next level” of professionalism, create a more impactful web presence, and connect better and faster with global customers by providing more documentation for product offerings.

To do this, Windmill Design provided a complete set of professional web design & development services for the project that would speak to the company’s global customers after becoming intimately familiar with illunis’ brand position. The website was built using the Windmill Blade Site platform—creating a site that is customizable and flexible as the businesses grows, powered by a WordPress content management system and built responsively. The homepage includes a custom animated counter that dynamically displays impressive company statistics like “71,000,000 pixels and counting!”. The product pages feature large visual images, along with product descriptions and tabbed content for technical specifications. Also included was a blog that helped to position illunis’ as an industry expert, keeping visitors on the site for a longer period of time and allowing them to connect with the brand on a deeper level. A site-wide footer includes a strong call-to-action, driving visitors to reach out to illunis.

Building illunis’ custom designed website with the Windmill Blade Site platform allows for easy, future expansion, and illunis has already started thinking about Phase 2, in which Windmill Design will design and build a “Camera Finder” feature that will allow users to find cameras by specific camera specs.

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