U.S. Bank Stadium Print Ads

The U.S. Bank Stadium needed Windmill Design to create a suite of seven ads to announce and celebrate the grand opening of the new stadium.

The overall goal was raise awareness that “we are open” to two specific audiences—one targeting locals to come visit and one targeting national event bookers. Working under a tight timeline to meet advertising deadlines, Windmill Design leveraged strategic copywriting with two bold headlines that would capture the target audience’s attention and draw them into the ad. Windmill worked within the U.S. Bank Stadium brand guidelines, but also pushed the look-and-feel to be more edgy, to stand out in the industry magazines that booking agents read, while also appealing to a general hometown audience. To create overall consistency, both the local and national ads shared the same general design, with the language and additional content for each changing. The final result was a series of seven ads that created excitement about the grand opening of the new U.S. Bank Stadium.

Complementary Services:
Graphic Design by Windmill Design for U.S. Bank Stadium 
Graphic Design by Windmill Design for U.S. Bank Stadium 
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