Kaufman Wills Fusting & Company

KWF (formerly known as Kaufman Wills Fusting & Company) was in need of a re-brand to launch KWF into the next chapter by creating two distinct identities—one for KWF Editorial and one for KWF Consulting—that would be clearly distinguishable as separate, scalable for potential future business focuses, and all clearly hearkening back to a smart and distinctive scholarly publishing brand.

The rebrand also moved the company from being known as their long-form name (Kaufman Wills Fusting & Company) to a shorter and more memorable acronym. As part of the rebranding, Windmill created a suite of highly stylized custom-designed business templates for KWF staff to use, including PowerPoints, Word documents for proposals, and spreadsheet templates. The branding work was done in tandem with, and released alongside a new website, as well as brand standards documentation. 

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