Dawn of a Dream

Dawn of a Dream is an annual fundraising gala in Minneapolis, hosted by the Children’s Cancer Research Fund (CCRF) to raise money for children’s cancer research—with the ultimate goal of obliterating cancer in the near future. Windmill Design, in collaboration with CCRF, created the theme “limitless” for the event—providing an opportunity for a limitless tomorrow for children with cancer.

We created a visual theme and logo for the year’s event, featuring “limitless” opalescent color palette—all colors are present, depending on where the light hits it. The theme concept wove seamlessly throughout the event—from print collateral to a live social media stream to photo booth branding—even the lighting and decor.

With careful use of budget throughout all pieces to maximize impact, we created a suite of materials including save-the-dates, invitations, an auction booklet, on-site signage, a punch wall, and an event website. Through constant collaboration, strategic thinking and resource management, Windmill was able to deliver a suite of high-end, show-stopping pieces, exceeding all client expectations with an end-result that looked far more valuable than the cost, creating a limitless experience from every angle.

Complementary Services:
Graphic Design for Dawn of a Dream 2016
Graphic Design for Dawn of a Dream 2016