As eLumen grew and established its client base, a new branding approach was needed that more accurately reflected their position as an emerging major player in the academic assessment software industry.

We collaborated with eLumen to develop a unified print and online presence that appeals to a variety of stakeholders in higher ed institutions across the U.S. While retaining their legacy logo, we created a strong, current brand with fresh design elements and messaging to support it. By expanding the color and type palette and refining the brand message, eLumen now has a modern and memorable look and feel to represent them as they grow.

The website provides in-depth information about their paradigm-shifting assessment solution, breaking down the messaging to address administrators, educators and several other stakeholder roles within academic institutions. The site focuses on the benefits of eLumen’s solution and how it works for two- and four-year institutions as well as professional schools.

Complementary Services:
Web Design and Development by Windmill Design for eLumen
Graphic Design by Windmill Design for eLumen
Graphic Design by Windmill Design for eLumen
Tradeshow Display Design by Windmill Design for eLumen