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In the medical field, marketing can be complex because the story needs to resonate with distinct audiences, such as investors, hospital administrators, medical practitioners, technicians, and patients. All of whom may be interested in different features or benefits and possess varying degrees of medical and technical knowledge. Windmill has the expertise to handle these complicated messaging scenarios and create compelling marketing tools that reach your audiences.

Building Trust and Ensuring Compliance

Trust is essential in any industry, but crucial in the medical industry. People need to trust that you can give them high-quality care, and physicians need to be confident that they’re using the best tools for the job. At Windmill Design we’re familiar with the legal requirements such as HIPAA-compliant forms, content review and approval, using proper disclaimers on testimonials, and other nuances specific to the industry. Talk to us today to get started.

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We had a terrific experience with Windmill. The Windmill team was responsive to our unique needs, had great design ideas, met deadlines, and everyone we dealt with was a pleasure! Our renovated website has been operational for six weeks and traffic has exceeded our expectations. We have experienced just minimal issues, which were addressed quickly.
Ellen Riker, National Association of Epilepsy Centers

Before and After

Our work started with correctly positioning Pairnomix in the mind of their audience by telling the story of who Pairnomix is, what they do, and why they do it. Then we helped them create a new user-centric website that makes information easy to find, and easy to understand for a wide range of audiences. A smart digital marketing strategy resulted in a 300% increase in organic traffic and paid leads, at no additional monthly ad spend.

Windmill Design’s Process Starts with Identifying Your Audiences and their Needs

Windmill Design has been helping medical professionals, and medical device companies create user-focused websites for years. We’ve helped many companies showcase their expertise and demonstrate the benefits of their offerings with different messaging for different user types. For example, hospital administrators have a different level of understanding, and a different set of objectives than general practitioners, nurses, or patients. Infographics and illustrations are often a useful tool for conveying complex processes in a way that’s easy to understand, generating further trust.

It’s important to recognize that your website represents your entire brand to those unfamiliar with you. When you have a strong brand presence, it’s similar to a doctor with a strong reputation in the community. Just hearing the name will instill trust in those who are thinking of working with you.