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From software creators to consultants, we help B2B companies create marketing tools that support your brand, marketing efforts, and sales team.

B2B Marketing Takes a Different Approach

Long sales cycles, unique buyer journeys, and custom products are commonplace for B2B companies. These challenges are a stark contrast to the retail world where sales cycles and engagements happen quickly. Your prospects aren’t typically ready to buy on the first visit, so how do you keep them engaged? Online marketing and user experience can have a significant impact on how often people return to your site. We can help, contact us to learn how.

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Thank you to everyone at Windmill for the terrific work that you did for us!! I am so pleased with the redesign, where do I start? You guys were so patient with me, really understood what I was looking for and got right at it. And I threw some hiccups along the way! The end product is fantastic and in this short amount of time, people are already more engaged on our site. That’s the best news ever…
Tammy Diepenbrock, Marketing Manager, Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben

Before and After

Windmill Design worked with LeanProject to refresh its brand and demonstrate its leadership in the lean movement. This was further supported with social media integrations and lead generation tools to ensure the new site achieves the highest ROI possible.

How Windmill Design Meets the Challenge of B2B Marketing

Our process adapts to the needs of your industry, your customers, and your unique marketing goals. For example, B2B websites require a smooth user experience that targets multiple types of buyers in various stages of the buying cycle, and engaging content that positions them as experts and helps get the initial conversation going. At Windmill Design, we don’t use an off-the-shelf template and try to cram you into it. We create custom experiences that follow best practices for B2B marketing, giving you a laser focus on traffic that reflects your best customers and a modern website that meets the challenge.

Understanding business frameworks can be essential to creating marketing tools that speak to other businesses. At Windmill Design, we understand and use processes like EOS® (“Traction”). For clients using this system, reviewing the VTO allows us to understand the cohesive vision behind your business before starting our work together. Then we layer this vision into the design, writing, and development of all your marketing tools.