• Why a B2B Website Is All About Forms

    Forms…*sigh* Let’s face it, filling out forms is a bore. Whether it be medical paperwork, legal contracts or website forms, providing your personal information can be long, tedious and often intrusive. So why is it that forms are so important to great B2B website design? It’s easy to forget, but … View Article

  • Should I Use a Custom or Off-the-shelf Theme for My B2B Website?

    Would you prefer your content to direct your site’s design or to have the design direct your content? The question is simple at first glance. But, how you answer is critical. Why? It all comes down to your digital marketing strategy. This is a roadmap for reaching your marketing goals … View Article

  • Why Create Sitemaps and Wireframes Before the Visual Design?

    Many web development firms jump into the visual design before planning out how the site will actually work. They rush to create a layout before considering how target users will interact with it. This is unwise. Designing an effective website is a significant investment. Having to make changes after the … View Article

  • The Guide to Marketing Analytics, Optimization, and Testing Part 2

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  • Repetition Breeds Familiarity, Familiarity Breeds Trust

    Repetition Breeds Familiarity, Familiarity Breeds Trust Why do you see the same 5 commercials over and over again? Why do ads follow you around the internet? Why do you get multiple emails with the same offer? In a word, repetition. Advertisers know that people only remember their message if they … View Article

  • A Logo Refresh May Sometimes Fit Better Than a Logo Redesign

    Your logo is important. In fact, it’s the single most important graphic for your brand. Apple realized this early on, and that’s why they’ve given it so much thought over the years. But since their change from the Isaac Newton logo in 1976 they’ve never wholly redesigned their logo. Instead, … View Article

  • How Live Chat Improves B2B Conversion Rates

    When’s the last time you used a chat service? Whether you used Facebook, Hangouts, Slack, or a text message, you’ve probably chatted with someone today. This form of communication has become a standard part of our lives since its introduction in the ’90s and now it’s embedded itself in the … View Article

  • What Is the GDPR and What Does It Mean for Your Website

    The European Union has implemented a rule known as the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. You may have seen this mentioned in the news, in your email inbox, or on the websites you visit. It’s highly visible to you as a consumer, but how should it affect you as … View Article

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  • Nine B2B Marketing Strategies Designed to Get Conversions

    Is your website a business card or a salesperson? In the past, business-to-business web design and lead generation techniques were very limited. All you could really do was share your information on the web and hope you’d get called. Salespeoples’ outbound efforts did the bulk of the lead generation work. … View Article