Technology is constantly shifting in the online world. At Windmill Design we offer a wide range of development and design options and recommendations, allowing our team to build websites that drive business results using the latest industry best practices. Let Windmill Design help you use your website as the most effective marketing tool for your business.

  • We’ve Just Launched: Approve-IT

    Approve-IT, Inc. sought Windmill Design’s help to design and build a new website that supports the company’s new strategic plan and goals, reflected in a new, modern and compelling website. Since 1995, Approve-IT has been the trusted company of choice for global compliance services, covering over 250+ countries and territories. The … View Article

  • We’ve Just Launched: Pairnomix – a leader in personalized medicine

    We gave this innovative medical research company a modern and user-friendly website, using our blade site package with add-ons like icons, illustrations, and a process infographic to make their research process visually engaging and informative. We love innovators, and are honored to help in bringing to life the future of … View Article

  • Heatmaps: Find Hot Opportunities for Growth

    Heat mapping – what’s hot is finding visual data about your website’s users. Google Analytics data remains a useful tool, but, did you know that you can also gather much more visual data about how your users actually engage with your website’s content and structure? Using heat mapping tools, we’re … View Article

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