Technology is constantly shifting in the online world. At Windmill Design we offer a wide range of development and design options and recommendations, allowing our team to build websites that drive business results using the latest industry best practices. Let Windmill Design help you use your website as the most effective marketing tool for your business.

  • Hurdle Tracking

    From the development grotto — here’s one of the many tools that we implement to help our operations run more smoothly. Happy team = happy clients. At Windmill Design, we are constantly seeking out ways to implement processes that offer our clients continuous improvement not only to our clients’ websites, but with … View Article

  • Windmill Design Becomes a Squarespace Circle Member

    Squarespace can be a good platform for people who are in the early stages of their business and need to get something that looks great up and running quickly, or organizations that need a fairly simple presence for an event or small spinoff. While most of our work is centered … View Article

  • Users have so many browser options. How do you determine a browser testing process?

    From the development grotto — here’s our philosophy on browser support and making sure that your website is usable on a wide variety of devices without spending hours of needless device checking and development.  When we think about browser support, we typically extend the definition and consider platform support. A platform … View Article

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